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heartbeatz connects Apple Watch®

July 20, 2022 by Daniel Stallings

heartbeatz connects Apple Watch®

One reason we all workout is to be healthy. But if your heart isn’t monitored in a workout, how hard should you actually push yourself? Is there a way to monitor how hard you worked in a workout?

Of course! Fitness sensors work to create the most accurate workout data. But what if, instead of buying a separate heart rate monitor, you could use the one you already own?

Most fitness consoles don’t connect your heart rate from your Apple Watch®. And, they don’t display that heart rate on your fitness console, so instead you have to be constantly glancing at your Apple Watch® to check your heart rate.

That’s why we made heartbeatz. heartbeatz connects Apple Watch® heart rate to any ANT+ receiver such as Peloton® bikes and treadmills. It combines with our free heartbeatz connect Apple Watch® app so you can view your heart rate on your watch while working out. But also, you can now view your heart rate on your fitness console or Peloton® bike or treadmill.

Powered by a standard coin cell battery, battery life lasts for months.

heartbeatz setup is simple: 

Mount heartbeatz to your bike or treadmill. Next, start the heartbeatz connect app. Finally, pair heart rate from Apple Watch® to heartbeatz.

Bikes and treadmills using proximity awareness will automatically associate with heartbeatz. Once associated, exercisers can start their workout. The bike or treadmill console will display heart rate data measured by the Apple Watch® in real-time.

“People love their Apple Watch®. Peloton® riders and runners are equally passionate, and so we saw an opportunity to create a unique product to marry the popular offerings together,” said Jeff Lasch, Senior Product Manager for North Pole Engineering. “While heartbeatz is a natural fit for Peloton® products, heartbeatz will work with any ANT+ receiver, allowing Apple Watch® wearers to use a wide variety of fitness equipment.”

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