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Connecting your home fitness experience.

Use the equipment and devices you have, with the virtual training app you want. Simply.

Which product is right for me?

Let’s be honest: Connectivity can be complex. That’s why our Product Decision Guide is here— to help you find what works best for your unique situation.

Unlock your Apple Watch heart rate

Powered by heartbeatz

Every NPE home fitness device comes with heartbeatz built right in. What is heartbeatz? heartbeatz enables you to use your Apple Watch as a standard ANT+ or Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Simply download our heartbeatz Apple Watch app, connect the heartbeatz app to your device, and BOOM. Broadcasting. When you record a workout in the heartbeatz app, all of your workout data goes right into your Apple HealthKit as a normal workout would so you can still close your rings.

At the Gym

Get on the board with heartbeatz Connect Pro.

Have a heartbeatz enabled piece of non-NPE equipment like a treadmill or smart bike trainer? Simply download heartbeatz Connect and make the in-app Pro purchase to unlock the benefits! Works with any non-NPE heartbeatz enabled equipment, just look for the Powered by heartbeatz logo.

See what people are saying.

“Make any treadmill a ‘smart’ treadmill”

“The NPE Runn unit is the quickest and easiest way to use Zwift while walking or running on a conventional treadmill. Foot pods gave me inconsistent results and required frequent calibration and battery changes--the Runn just *works*. Setup was quick and easy, and results are consistent and reliable.”

- Kimrunsonplants, reviewing the NPE Runn

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“Runn makes indoor running fun”

“My Runn combined with Zwift motivates me much more than any other indoor running plan I have used. My Runn is easy to install and use. It is accurate and makes indoor running fun!”

- Joan, reviewing the NPE Runn

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“Perfect Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor Solution”

“I have an Apple Watch and a Garmin Edge. I wanted to use my watch to monitor heart rate for the Garmin. This is the perfect solution. It connects to the Garmin via ANT+ and the watch via Bluetooth. It seamlessly sends heart rate data to the Garmin. Works like a champ!”

- Peter H, reviewing the NPE heartbeatz

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