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Your leaderboard, made smarter

With NPE enterprise level solutions, you can connect your studio's equipment to your leaderboard seamlessly. ANT+? Check. Bluetooth? Check. Direct connect Apple Watch heart rate? We can do that too.

Which product is right for my studio?

Every studio is unique, but our product decision guide can help you focus in on the features you want. Connectivity without the complexity.

Unlock Apple Watch Heart Rate for your Clients

Your clients can use their Apple Watch heart rate directly with your system with our next generation WASP technology.

Studio Success Stories.

“NPE is Heart Zones solution to software and hardware solutions”

“As an education and training company, Heart Zones was unfamiliar with the world of ed tech. North Pole Engineering showed us the way by developing the leading and most innovative solutions for physical education, athletics, special education, after school activities using wearable technology for group solutions. We thank you NPE for being our business partners to help get America fit.”

- Sal, Heart Zones

“WASP hardware will surpass your expectations”

“WASP has been the enterprise-grade solution and the backbone of our statistics-based infrastructure. As a Franchise brand, we were searching for the ability to connect any compatible hardware, instantaneously, with multiple site-specific variables, and no additional support once deployed. Utilizing WASP to its fullest potential, we have aggregated fitness sensor data at scale across all of our sites. It's no small feat to absorb the unique data broadcasted by hundreds of fitness equipment devices in real-time, however, the WASP hardware will surpass your expectations. Inside our studios, the WASP hardware is the hardest working component and does not even break a sweat.”

- Joseph, Rukus

WASP Solutions

Compatible with the apps and devices you love.

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