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Commercial Fitness Product Decision Guide

Common use cases so you can find the right product for the best experience.


Have an ethernet connection with PoE?

We recommend the WASP-PoE4 or GEM3-PoE to get the most coverage and best data transfer reliability.

Need a product that is capable of operating wirelessly?

HÔRNET is your best bet as it can connect to your device via Bluetooth and only needs USB power. This is especially helpful in situations with complex commercial wireless networks, or in areas where a PoE network is not an option.

Apple Watch heartbeatz Connectivity

Looking to connect Apple Watch heart rate to your leaderboard or system?

HÔRNET and GEM3-PoE both offer direct connection capabilities with our heartbeatz app, allowing the use of Apple Watch as a heart rate monitor comparable to any ANT+ chest strap. After all, the best heart rate monitor is the one you are already wearing.

Already have a WASP-PoE and want to add heartbeatz?

The best option is to add a HÔRNET in heartbeatz HÛBB mode to your system. Contact our sales team to find out more!

Need to connect Bluetooth only heart rate monitors such as WHOOP bands?

Our WYÛR is a multi-protocol converter that can convert the Bluetooth heart rate from heart rate monitors (such as WHOOP bands) to ANT+ heart rate so they can be picked up by any of our commercial products. They also conveniently clip onto the WHOOP strap using our footpod clip, allowing for the best possible broadcast experience. Contact our sales team to find out more!

WASP Comparison