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Pairing Pod

Finding ANT+ Device IDs has never been easier.

Part Number: Pairing Pod PCA - WYUR

Handheld wand used for identifying ANT+ devices for faster and more accurate pairing of sensors to a leaderboard. 

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1 Year


The NPE Pairing Pod can be used to determine the ANT+ ID of specific equipment for pairing to devices, leaderboards, or software. The Pairing Pod can be used as a standalone device utilizing our WASP-Util iOS Application, or the Pairing Pod can be integrated into your fitness studio leaderboard system for seamless identification, pairing, and setup of ANT+ enabled devices. For the latter scenario, please contact for more information. For the purposes of this guide, we will assume the Pairing Pod is being utilized as a standalone device in a facility with our WASP-PoE, GEM3-PoE, or WASP-N installed.

Ship-to Countries

United States, Canada, EU Countries, United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand

Warranty Information

12 Month Limited Warranty: North Pole Engineering will, at our option, repair or replace any product found defective in manufacture within the warranty period. The warranty period determines the initial online registration.  Read more...

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