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Runn... Smart Treadmill Sensor

Part Number: RUNN-A-77-AA

Wish your treadmill was a smart treadmill? The Runn Smart Treadmill Sensor immediately raises the IQ of any treadmill it’s installed on by providing both ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity. Installation takes as little as five minutes, and Runn works on virtually any treadmill. Once installed, Runn can accurately track speed, incline, and cadence to connect with your favorite app or smart device. Runn, connected. It’s that simple.

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Runn... with heartbeatz

Unlock your Apple Watch heart rate

Powered by heartbeatz

Every NPE home fitness device comes with heartbeatz built right in. What is heartbeatz? heartbeatz enables you to use your Apple Watch as a standard ANT+ or Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Simply download our heartbeatz Apple Watch app, connect the heartbeatz app to your device, and BOOM. Broadcasting. When you record a workout in the heartbeatz app, all of your workout data goes right into your Apple HealthKit as a normal workout would so you can still close your rings.

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1 Year

Bluetooth and
ANT+ Connectivity

Powered by

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No need to buy a brand-new treadmill to log your indoor run. The Runn smart treadmill sensor (NPE Runn) easily installs on your existing treadmill and works as a footpod, but it connects speed. incline and cadence.

Connect heart rate from Apple Watch to the treadmill using the Runn and get heart rate, speed, pace, distance, incline, cadence, and more into your Apple Watch.

  • Links virtually any treadmill to your fitness app
  • Broadcasts speed, incline, and cadence to apps over Bluetooth or ANT+
  • Connects Apple Watch Series 2+ heart rate to a fitness app with the heartbeatz connect Apple Watch app
  • Rechargeable with the included micro-USB cable
  • Battery lasts for up to 15 hours between charging
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United States, Canada, EU Countries, United Kingdom, Israel, Australia & New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Colombia, Malaysia, South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia

Warranty Information

12 Month Limited Warranty: North Pole Engineering will, at our option, repair or replace any product found defective in manufacture within the warranty period. The warranty period determines the initial online registration.  Read more...

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Great device - Opened up new world to Treadmill Running

I absolutely love this device!!! Got as a Christmas gift in 2022. Took me a while to get setup, and working correctly with my Garmin, but was all my issue using in Run mode, not Treadmill mode. Tech support was great. I connect the Runn to my Garmin 55 in Treadmill mode, and all stats are collected to the Garmin. When complete the run, the detailed stats are transfer to the Garmin app. The setup was actually simple once I understood how the device works with the stickers. I had to add a touch of additional glue to the reflection tape to get to stay on my old treadmill belt. Did I say WOW, what a slick device for simulating long hilly outside runs!!

Eric Dietiker
Unbelievably Frustrating

Initially fabulous. But then all the stickers fly off and your Zwift avatar stops in the middle of your run. Then you run out of stickers, and try tape, paint, etc. Works sometimes, but your Zwift avatar always stops in the middle of a run because the Runn is reporting 0mph. At some point you have so much tape and paint on your treadmill belt the Runn never reports any speed. Strong pass if you don't enjoy unbelievable frustration and mid-run malfunctions.

Excellent, Easy & Affordable Addition to Treadmill & Zwift

Really impressed with this simple, easy to install and effective solution to add reliable pace stats to Zwift running. Much more reliable than the Zwift Footpod, and more cost effective than a Stryd footpod (though I do like my Stryd for
other reasons). From what I've seen this this the best way to quickly adapt just about any treadmill for Zwift (or other apps)

Make any treadmill a "smart" treadmill

The NPE Run unit is the quickest and easiest way to use Zwift while walking or running on a conventional treadmill. Foot pods gave me inconsistent results and required frequent calibration and battery changes--the Run just *works*
Setup was quick and easy, and results are consistent and reliable.

Barry Warwick

Makes running on Zwift super easy and accurate. Took around 15 minutes and my 15 year old treadmill was converted to a smart treadmill. Zwift recognises the Runn with no issues. Initially the Runn was around 0.2km/h above treadmill
speed which is acceptable but after calibration was within 0.1 of treadmill speed. Have completed 3 runs on Zwift with no issues. Cadence seemed to work ok and was within what my Zwift footpod measured. Elevation on Garmin Connect
after calibration was ok but need to test this more. Happy with the performance so far.

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