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Connect your fitness sensors, your way

Part Number: WYUR-A-49-AA

Evolving from CABLE and heartbeatz, WYÛR is a feature-packed, multi-protocol radio platform allowing you to send and receive data using standard ANT+ and Bluetooth fitness protocols and data formats to accommodate the broadest range of fitness sensors, equipment, wearables, and mobile devices. 

What does that mean? It means you can use WYÛR to connect virtually any fitness sensor to your favorite apps and devices, including the heart rate from your Apple Watch to a 5khz receiver at your gym.


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WYÛR You Not Using It Yet?

Apple TV Optimization

Connect more devices

Apple TV is limited to 2 Bluetooth connections outside of the remote, so you are left deciding which sensors to connect. Using CÔRD or WYÛR, you can connect as many ANT+ or Bluetooth Fitness Sensors to your Apple TV as you want! Connect your sensors to CÔRD or WYÛR via ConfigurEZ, then connect CÔRD or WYÛR to the relevant sensor profiles in your favorite virtual training app on your Apple TV. It's that simple!

Sensor Conversion

Convert common ANT+ Fitness Sensors to Bluetooth and Vice Versa

With this device, you can convert ANT+ to Bluetooth, Bluetooth to ANT+, and simultaneously broadcast any combination of ANT+ and Bluetooth fitness sensors as ANT+ and Bluetooth. On top of that, you can transmit any heart rate monitor (including an Apple Watch) as an ANT+ or Bluetooth heart rate signal for connecting to fitness equipment.

Apple Watch as a Heart Rate Monitor

Baked into every NPE Home Fitness product, heartbeatz technology lets you connect the heart rate monitor in your Apple Watch as if it were a standard ANT+ or Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

Which product is right for me?

Let’s be honest: Connectivity can be complex. That’s why our Product Decision Guide is here— to help you find what works best for your unique situation.

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Bluetooth and
ANT+ Connectivity

1 Year


Here at North Pole Engineering, we design solutions to real problems that we face as fitness enthusiasts. WYÛR takes the best features from CABLE and heartbeatz and enhances them, making WYÛR the most versatile connected fitness sensor we’ve produced to date.

With WYÛR, you can convert ANT+ to Bluetooth, Bluetooth to ANT+, and simultaneously broadcast any combination of ANT+ and Bluetooth fitness sensors as ANT+ and Bluetooth. On top of that, you can transmit any heart rate monitor (including an Apple Watch) as a 5KHz Polar heart rate signal for connecting to fitness equipment.

Every NPE personal device comes with heartbeatz built in. What is heartbeatz? heartbeatz enables you to use your Apple Watch as a standard ANT+, Bluetooth, and now with WYÛR, 5KHz heart rate monitor. Simply download our heartbeatz Apple Watch app, connect the heartbeatz app to your WYÛR, and BOOM. Broadcasting. When you record a workout in the heartbeatz app, all of your workout data goes right into your Apple HealthKit as a normal workout would so you can still close your rings.

  • Convert ANT+ to Bluetooth
  • Convert Bluetooth to ANT+*
  • Simultaneously Transmit ANT+ & Bluetooth
  • Transmit 5khz Heart Rate
  • Works as a Cycling Speed Sensor
  • Works as a Cycling Cadence Sensor
  • Works as Cadence Footpod
  • All mounting accessories included
  • *FTMS to ANT+ conversion coming as a future software update
  • *Does not currently connect to Zwift Play Controllers
  • *Polar products currently only allow 1 service profile per connection. i.e. Heart Rate OR Speed OR Cadence, etc
  • *Does not currently support older Cycleops devices
Ship-to Countries

United States, Canada, EU Countries, United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand

Warranty Information

12 Month Limited Warranty: North Pole Engineering will, at our option, repair or replace any product found defective in manufacture within the warranty period. The warranty period determines the initial online registration.  Read more...

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Paul Comeau
Technology that works

Great small device that solved my problem with ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility for power meter cycle training on AppleTV & Zwift. Thanks!

Mark Parsons
Not working.

Initially it worked sorta. Not now. Device connects to iwatch and Tacx trainer but heartrate is not reported. The heartbeatz app shows connecting to wyor, but no heartbeat data is displayed.

Hi Mark,

We are very sorry to hear about your experience. We would love the opportunity to get this working for you, please keep an eye out for an email from our support team from

Thank you,

-NPE Team

Paul McCulloch
Excellent little device

Such a flexible device, easy to connect studio spin bike ant+ to my phone to run the app they use

Connection/Ouput issues

While the customer support has been fine, the product itself is lacking. I purchased this product since it was supposed to be easy to use, but it has not even been close.
I set up the device using the app (adding Hr monitor, power pedals and Zwift hub) and tried to connect it with Zwift. However, Zwift was not seeing the device at all. Tech support had me try different configs (thus deviating from "easy to use") but nothing worked. Suddenly, the next day, Zwift was seeing the device. However, despite being able to connect in Zwift, the Wyur device produces zero output- no Power, Cadence or HR. Now it's back to working with tech support. I've had the product for about a week and it is not functional.

Bart Sluijer
Disappointing WYUR experience with Apple TV and Zwift

I use Zwift via Apple TV. After purchasing Zwift Play, I needed two additional Bluetooth slots on the Apple TV and I had one available. That's why I bought the WYUR. This would remove the limitation of my Bluetooth slots.

Unfortunately, I am unable to get the WYUR and the Apple TV to work together properly. Zwift Play was not even recognized by WYUR. NPE told me in a response that there are indeed connection problems with the Apple TV and that it is true that Zwift Play is not recognized. I do not read this back on the NPE website, which would be nice for other Apple TV Zwift users who want to use WYUR to expand their Bluetooth capacity.

I am disappointed with the experience I have had with the WYUR and Apple TV.

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