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ANT+ USB Stick with Apple Watch Connectivity

Part Number: STÎC-A-8B-AA

STÎC (pronounced STICK) isn’t just a standard ANT+ USB stick. STÎC enables you to connect your Apple Watch heart rate directly to your PC or Mac on top of being a drop in replacement for your typical ANT+ USB stick. 

Apple Watch heart rate connectivity is made possible through our patent pending heartbeatz technology. Simply download our heartbeatz Connect app from the App Store, plug in the STÎC, and start working out!

Getting data into your favorite virtual training app has never been so easy.

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Apple Watch as a Heart Rate Monitor

Baked into every NPE Home Fitness product, heartbeatz technology lets you connect the heart rate monitor in your Apple Watch as if it were a standard ANT+ or Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

Which product is right for me?

Let’s be honest: Connectivity can be complex. That’s why our Product Decision Guide is here— to help you find what works best for your unique situation.

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STÎC connects ANT+ devices directly to your Mac or PC. Additionally, through our heartbeatz Connect app, you can connect your Apple Watch heart rate directly to the same virtual training app on your desktop. This is the only ANT+ stick on the market with the capability to connect to your Apple Watch heart rate !

  • Connects standard ANT+ fitness to your favorite PC or Mac virtual training app
  • Connects Apple Watch heart rate via our heartbeatz Connect App
  • To get started, simply plug into your PC or Mac and open your training app!
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United States, Canada, EU Countries, United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Estonia

Warranty Information

12 Month Limited Warranty: North Pole Engineering will, at our option, repair or replace any product found defective in manufacture within the warranty period. The warranty period determines the initial online registration.  Read more...

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